Specialists Declare Cuomo Misinforms Public About eCigs

Margaret Cuomo, the sister of New York Governor Mario Cuomo, lately posted a video on Huff Submit to speak about ecigs and vaping. Cuomo is a doctor, a radiologist, and a recognized advocate within the struggle towards most cancers. She has achieved superb work in most cancers prevention. Nevertheless, her anti-vaping video was very deceptive and filled with apparent errors and extreme misinformation about vaping.

Within the Huffington Publish video, Margaret Cuomo makes a number of claims that simply show false with the slightest scrutiny. She claims that digital cigarettes “are at the least as dangerous to your well being as common tobacco cigarettes are (due to the chemical composition) Ecigarettes include many dangerous chemical compounds that tobacco cigarettes don’t include akin to formaldehyde, benzene, propylene glycol, and metals like cadmium, nickel, and zinc.”

Specialists Converse Out Towards Video

Properly, it is extremely widespread information that cigarettes do include formaldehyde, benzene, cadmium, nickel and zinc. Specialists have slammed Dr. Cuomo for mendacity about ecigs. Peter Hajekm Salley Satel, Linda Bauld and different specialists from around the globe have expressed considerations concerning the misrepresentation of vaping. Research present that People are very misinformed about ecigs and this Huff Submit video has the potential to create extra alarmism and rely the misunderstanding of vaping within the US.

As for Dr. Cuomo’s inclusion of propylene glycol, no scientific physique anyplace regards PG to be dangerous. PG is utilized in drugs, toothpaste, meals, cosmetics and so forth. Propylene glycol is acknowledged as a protected meals additive and we’ve got been utilizing it for a century! Connecting PG to most cancers is completely unfounded.

She additionally claims that ecigs are directed at minors. That may be a fashionable criticism however the actuality is that teen smoking is at an all-time low. You possibly can see the video right here. Watching it you’d conclude that ecigs are worse than lighting up tobacco. He claims are flat out false. Claiming that tobacco doesn’t have benzene or cadmium and so on, what’s that?

The concept ecig vapor accommodates formaldehyde has been completely debunked. Probably the most complete research thus far has proven that vaping is a minimum of ninety five% safer than smoking. Dr. Cuomo would do nicely to turn out to be higher acquainted with the information. If she did, she simply might uncover that vaping might be a key to most cancers prevention.

Actual World Penalties Of eCig Misinformation

At ECCR, we want that anti-vaping forces would actually take into consideration what they’re doing. Whereas it’s uncommon for an anti-vaping voice to go up to now to say that ecigs are worse than tobacco, not even Tom Frieden on the CDC goes that far, claims like this will truly result in the continuation of smoking. I can converse to this firsthand.

On multiple event, I’ve spoken to a smoker who’s making no effort to give up as a result of they’ve given up. Once I ask about vaping in its place, the smoker will inform me that ecigs are worse than cigarettes so they could as properly hold smoking. Primarily, ecig misinformation leads individuals to the conclusion that if accepted smoking cessation strategies don’t work, overlook about vaping and hold smoking. That is the actual world consequence of ecig misinformation.

It occurred once more simply final week. I met a gentleman who was smoking a cigarette and he noticed my vape. He advised me that vaping was worse than smoking and that tobacco was safer. He really believed it. I attempted to elucidate my perspective however he would have none of it. He was satisfied that smoking was higher than vaping. He had learn some tales, seen a number of issues on the information and drew a conclusion that primarily gave him permission to not even think about smoking options. Permission to maintain smoking as a result of he believed there was no different choice.

Is it a stretch to say that telling those that cigarettes should not have benzene, cadmium or zone is outright harmful? Dr. Cuomo very a lot wants to take a position a while educating herself concerning the different aspect of the vaping argument. She wants to take a look at the work of progressive researchers in Europe. Maybe then she may attain vastly totally different conclusions. Maybe then we might all actually begin to transfer towards a world with out smoking.

There are lots of docs on the market who’re working onerous to fight this misinformation. Identical to the group of worldwide researchers who collaborated in an effort to speak to the World Well being Group that vaping has the potential to save lots of hundreds of thousands of lives.

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